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Video Assessment

Securely submit, grade and feedback on student video assignment submissions via intuitive tools and assessment plugins for third party learning platforms. Educators can also quickly and easily provide video feedback to students using their devices’ built in camera.

Video Assessment Made Easy

Planet eStream offers a secure platform that enables staff and students to upload their video and audio material to a private space from any device. Students can share material privately with tutors, peers or external assessors, feedback can then be provided via time stamped comments. These comments act as marker points and users can choose to jump to these markers to review relevant feedback easily, creating a powerful and secure assessment process.

Video Assessment with Planet eStream

“Our work-based learning team now uses Planet eStream extensively ‘in the field’ to assess students in apprenticeship roles in businesses. Instead of written observation, assessment evidence of apprentices taking minutes of meetings, taking phone calls and interacting with customers is routinely filmed on tablets, uploaded to Planet eStream and assessed on this basis.” Also, video clips of students' performance (e.g. presentations, role-play or dramatic performance) are sometimes used for learner reflection and critique, using the comments feature within eStream, and also for teachers to provide feedback to students either individually or as a collective." Naomi Elliott, Head of Library and Resources, Bath College

"Planet eStream is also useful for assessing student progress. As part of our teacher training course, for example, we film students in a teaching environment when they are leading a lesson and we can use the footage to support assessments. Similarly, in Equine Studies, students are filmed during their riding assignments and are then able to review their performance via a secure platform. For those competing, it's an invaluable system that gives them the opportunity to improve their technique and posture.” Lucy Tippetts, Learning Technologist, Kingston Maurward College

Video Assignment Plugins for your VLE

With Planet eStream’s powerful assessment tool plugins for Moodle and Blackboard, lecturers are able to create assignments and students are able to securely submit videos directly from within their learning platform.

Video based Quizzes in your VLE

You can easily embed quizzes that are created in Planet eStream within your Firefly, Moodle and Blackboard VLE pages. With Canvas VLE not only can you embed quizzes, the results of these are automatically displayed within Canvas Gradebook.

“We now have the capability to transform our assessment practices by enabling students to plan, film and edit their own short videos, which demonstrates new knowledge, skills or behaviours. Not only is this a more engaging method for students but it helps develop valued employability and transferable skills. These videos are then reused as model examples the following year, which helps to inspire even more creativity. Submitting assignments in this way is also great for enhancing students’ digital skills, which are part and parcel of today’s working world and something employers expect graduates to be able to offer.” Neil Prior, Head of E-Learning, Berkshire College of Agriculture

A Secure Platform to Showcase Student Coursework

Empower your students to demonstrate their skills by using Planet eStream’s simple mobile application to create, upload and share their videos.

"Elsewhere, the eStream system allows students to record video evidence for assessments. PE staff use iPads and iPhones to film student-led training sessions, clearly showcasing how students are meeting BTEC coursework criteria and making the moderation process a breeze." Sam Adams – ICT Technician – Oxford Spires Academy

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