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Increase Student engagement with Planet eStream Interactive Videos and Quizzes

Interactive Videos and Quizzes

Increase student engagement by turning passive viewing into active learning and making your videos interactive with the addition of questions, hots spots, annotations and links. Teachers can easily create interactive videos around their chosen curriculum relevant content, to both engage and test student knowledge. They can then analyse the results and track students viewing patterns and progress.

Support Flipped and Blended Learning Techniques and Engage with Viewers by Using Interactive Timelines

With Planet eStream’s intuitive interactive timeline editor, educators can make their video learning resources curriculum relevant and even more engaging for their students. It is so simple to add annotations, drawings and questions to any video on your Planet eStream library including embedded YouTube videos.

See how easy it is to create an interactive video with Planet eStream.

Planet eStream's interactive timeline

“We have now used the new Quiz feature twice - the first time, for our Fresher’s Fair, was a Roald Dahl Quiz for new students, taking part in it won them a prize, this went down well. The second use of it has been for a US Election Poll - "Who Would You Vote For" - this is being officially launched across the entire college (six sites) in the week after our half term. Interest has also been expressed in using it for a real vote for our Student President.” Simon Mapp – LRC Assistant – Coleg Cambria


Create your own questions and choose from a number of response types; multiple choice, hot spots, true or false, fill in the blank and free text answer questions. Plus you can even leave hints to assist your students, set time limits and provide feedback.

Create your very own quizzes with Planet eStream

Hot Spots

Pose a question and ask students to highlight the correct area(s) of the video in their response. You can set any number of correct regions as part of the question and limit the amount of clicks your student can make in submitting their response.

Add Hotspots to Interactive Videos with Planet eStream


Guide learners by highlighting specific areas of a video, choose the size and colour of predefined shapes and use them to highlight the significant elements of the video you want to raise attention too.

Highlight areas on your quizzes with Planet eStream


Create text annotations to help guide students and viewers.


Insert links to other content within your Planet eStream media library; this can include other relevant video content, pictures, documents and website links. Educators can even drag and drop resources onto the video and they will automatically be uploaded to Planet eStream.

Insert links to other content in Planet eStream

Control your Quizzes

When creating quizzes, educators can tailor the quiz to get the information they require by controlling the responses and tools available to the viewer. In strict test or examination conditions educators can set their quiz to ensure that the students do not receive answer feedback as they progress through the quiz. They can also set time limits and choose not to permit skipping of questions. When using the tool as a learning aid, educators can set their quiz to allow students to have repeated attempts at answering questions and get immediate feedback to assist their learning. You can also choose to provide feedback based on correct or incorrect answers.

Control your quizzes and interactive videos with Planet eStream

Analyse Student Results and Behaviour

All user responses to questions are recorded by Planet eStream. Using the Synopsis tool, educators can view a simple overview of students’ scores and answers to their quiz questions. These can also easily be exported as a CSV file. The simple Synopsis tool is also available when users access their quizzes via supported VLEs.

Further information is available in the analytics section of Planet eStream. Here more detailed information is displayed in an intuitive manner, including timeline heat maps, to provide the educator with an overview of responses and assess how their students performed. The results can be filtered down to a user level, enabling the educator to monitor how a particular student answered questions and interacted with the video. This information, alongside detailed video tracking analytics, enable an educator to see which parts of the video the student watched in relation to questions and assets provided and how often. For example, if a student answered a question incorrectly the first time, the educator can check to see if the same student went back and re-watched the relevant areas of the video attached to that question, to monitor learning outcomes and gaps in knowledge.

User response to questions are all recorded in Planet eStream

Share and Embed

All quizzes and interactive videos can be embedded and linked with any VLE and web based platform. Users will be asked to login and their interactions tracked for analytics.

Interactive Quizzes and Videos

Example Quiz with Planet eStream Video

"Why was Leonardo da Vinci that famous?” by simpleshow foundation is licensed under CC BY 2.0"

Example Quiz Featuring a YouTube Video

"William Shakespeare – in a nutshell” by simpleshow foundation is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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