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Schedule recordings of Freeview television and radio via an intuitive electronic programme guide from Planet eStream

TV and Radio Recording

Schedule recordings of Freeview television and radio via an intuitive electronic programme guide and never miss a programme thanks to Planet eStream’s flexible buffering. The Planet eStream Freeview Scheduler enables teaching staff to schedule or request their own recordings which reduces the overhead on IT staff. The system will constantly buffer your selected channels for up to 21 days, which reduces the chance of valuable resources being missed.

Please note all features advertised on this page are available to United Kingdom clients only due to UK licensing laws relating to broadcast TV content.

Schedule, Record and Retain

The Planet eStream TV Scheduler is built around a simple web based electronic programme guide (EPG) that will be familiar to your users for ease of use. The scheduler offers your educators an easy way to record their own curriculum relevant TV and radio content to use as learning resources. Once content has been recorded, it is automatically stored in your Planet eStream media library and is accessible on demand. Users can access the scheduler from any device including iOS and Android without the requirement of bespoke applications.

Your users can schedule programmes that are due to broadcast in the future or retrospectively record any programmes that have already aired.

Programme Search

With over 21 days’ worth of broadcasts from 79 channels there is a lot to choose from, the programme guide search tool assist educators in finding content. Using keywords, they can search the titles and descriptions of all available broadcasts to find relevant programmes to record.

Planet eStream Freeview EPG

“The functionality and flexibility of the Freeview recording system is by far the best I have seen. Staff manage the recording and scheduling of content, from both PC and mobile devices, simply and easily with only a few minutes of user training. ” Carl Wood – Assistant Network Manager – Oakham School

Flexible Buffering

Your users will have access to 37 pre-selected channels that buffer all programmes for up to 21 days enabling your users to retrospectively tag a programme to record.

Freeview Buffering using Planet eStream

“The best feature for me personally has been the fact that we can buffer programmes - I can't tell you how many times a tutor would ask if we'd recorded a programme and we'd missed it. Now we can, almost always, say "Yes, we did!" To give an example of this. A few weeks ago a tutor asked if we'd recorded a programme that aired four days before. I was able, to go into eStream and add it straight away while she was there and she was able to watch it in her classroom a couple of hours later. This is just brilliant!. ” Simon Mapp, Learning Centre Assistant, Coleg Cambria

Never Miss a Programme Again

The ability to search the programme guide and take advantage of features such as ‘series link’ make scheduling recordings easy and reduce the chances of key programmes being missed. The buffering capability of Planet eStream is a fantastic resource and a great way of making sure that your educators will never have to miss out on recording curriculum content.

Never miss a programme with Planet eStream

Single Mode View

Single Mode enables users to quickly and easily see a single days listing from one channel.

Never miss a programme with Planet eStream

“Planet eStream has completely transformed the way we create, record and share video resources across all departments. Teachers often arrive in college saying, ‘I saw a great programme last night which I’d like to share with the class – can you find it?’ With Planet eStream, we can accommodate this kind of request instantly.” Naomi Elliott, Head of Library and Learning Resources, Bath College

Satellite TV Recording

Selected satellite channels are available via the Planet eStream TV Scheduler electronic programme guide (EPG). Educators can schedule and add recordings from these channels to their own Planet eStream media library. Just like standard Freeview channels, the satellite channels are cached to allow users to add previously aired programmes and, where available, schedule programmes to be added in the future. Subtitles are imported from channels that broadcast them and all recorded programmes are also made available via the Planet eStream Connect archive.

Available Satellite Channels...

  • Italy: RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, RAI News
  • Wales: S4C, BBC Radio Cymru
  • Scotland: BBC Alba
  • Spain: Canal Sur Andalucia, Aragon TV
  • France: TV5 Monde Europe, France 24
  • Germany: RTL1, RTL2, RTL News, VOX, n-TV, Pro Sieben, Sat 1, Kabel Eins, N24
  • Poland: TVP Polonia

Regional UK Channels

  • BBC One - West Midlands, East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, East Midlands, East, Wales, London, West, Cambridge, Channel Islands, Scotland, North West, Yorkshire & North Midlands, South East, North East & Cumbria, South, South West, Oxford, Northern Ireland
  • BBC Two - Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Selected satellite channels are available through the Planet eStream Connect electronic programme guide

Subtitles and OCR

All recordings will automatically include the subtitles where available and viewers will have the option to toggle these on and off.

Subtitle Searching
The Planet eStream Subtitle Search tool enables your educators to search the spoken words within subtitles for a keyword and the search results returned will provide the exact location in the video where the keyword is featured. This feature is great for creating really targeted playlists and chapters to support a specific learning objective.

Quick Look - TV and Radio Recording with Access to Educational Resources

See how Planet eStream lets you record from over 70 TV and Radio channels and access an archive of over 2 million programmes.

Use of Planet eStream’s Freeview TV Recording functionality is subject to your organisation having a fully paid up current ERA Licence. Details on ERA Licensing can be found via the following links;


Broadcast TV and Radio Resources Info Sheet

An Overview on Accessing Broadcast TV and Radio Resources with Planet eStream


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