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Planet eStream is a Unified Video Platform for education, featuring live streaming, digital signage, interactive learning tools, lesson and lecture capture, TV and radio recording and direct access to 2 million TV and radio programmes, to enhance your digital learning resources.

Offering a comprehensive resource for creating, managing and securely delivering media from one central platform, Planet eStream reduces workload, offers excellent value and most importantly, delivers benefits and improved outcomes for students, educators, learning resources staff and the IT team.

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Media Library Module
Media Library

Learn how easy it is to create your own secure ‘YouTube’ style media library with Planet eStream

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Educational Resources Module
TV and Radio Resources

See how you can easily record TV and radio programmes and access an archive of over 2 million programmes to support your educators – over 70 Freeview and Satellite Channels available to choose from!

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Digital Signage Module
Digital Signage

Take a look at how easy it is to create, manage and deliver engaging digital signage with Planet eStream.

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Live Streaming Module
Live Streaming

Discover live streaming with Planet eStream and applications such as event broadcast, lecture capture and lesson observation.

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eStream for Educators
Planet eStream for Educators

View our short presentation highlighting the key benefits of Planet eStream for Educators.

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Explore why a Secure Video Platform should be an Integral Part of your Core Digital Strategy

Create a Secure Media Library
Creating a Secure Media Library

An insight into the issues faced when delivering media content as part of modern teaching and how a secure video platform can help overcome them.

TV and Radio Recording
Unlocking the Power of TV and Radio Programmes

A brief look at how educators can access broadcast television and radio programmes and integrate them into teaching and learning.

Digital Signage Guide
Enhancing Digital Signage

Explore the benefits signage can deliver, the issues it can resolve and the things that should be considered to ensure the successful deployment of a digital signage solution.

Live Streaming Guide
Discover the Potential of Live Streaming

A review of live streaming technology; how you can deliver your own live broadcasts and infrastructure requirements, and the positive impacts for educators, learners and your community.

THe Impact of a VLP
The Impact of an SVP

See how Planet eStream has changed everything for a whole range of our users across all levels of education.

Impact on education survey results
Impact on Education Survey Results

See how Planet eStream has saved time, money and improved learning outcomes for our users.

Digital Tech Whitepaper
Digital Technologies in Education Whitepaper

Read our Whitepaper on why a Secure Video Platform should be a priority for any educational organisation.

Education Survey Results
Digital Technologies in Education Survey Results

We recently conducted a survey about video based learning. View the results below here.

Planet eStream Brochure
Planet eStream Online Brochure

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