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Case Study : Oxford Spires

Case Study from Sam Adams - ICT Technician at Oxford Spires Academy

Since investing in the eStream system, Oxford Spires Academy has seen a multitude of benefits to teaching, learning and community relations.

Our science department have been able to use the screen capture software alongside other recording devices to capture presentations and experiments simultaneously. This provides a valuable revision resource, the uptake of which can be monitored by teaching staff through the built-in analytics functions.

The ability to filter access through active directory groups has enabled colleagues to ensure content is suitable for different age groups and abilities. For example, the PSHE teachers are able to direct students to age appropriate resources by setting playlist controls.

We have seen cross-curricular benefits to the eStream service, where students have taken research from Humanities lessons and created content in media and art. Oxford Spires Academy introduces year 7 students to secondary education through the War Horse project, which brings together learning from different subject areas, culminating in the creation of a podcast-style video. The iPad app supports teaching outcomes by enabling user-created content and empowering students to demonstrate their learning.

Elsewhere, the eStream system allows students to record video evidence for assessments. PE staff use iPads and iPhones to film student-led training sessions, clearly showcasing how students are meeting BTEC coursework criteria and making the moderation process a breeze.

Across school, engaging content delivered through the eSign system has raised the profile of extra-curricular activities, resulting in an increased participation level. The visually striking signage has impressed visitors, effortlessly conveying essential information such as room locations and directions.

The eSign service allows the Events Team to schedule specially designed content for specific users, supporting the schools’ out-of-hours lettings without the need for on-site staffing. Colleagues can choreograph zone-specific custom content tailored to the wishes of the visiting community groups, even when multiple events are taking place simultaneously.

The highly intuitive, imaged-based interface has drawn praise from less technology-savvy users. The ability to designate editing groups within specific zones empowers colleagues to create targeted content for specific user groups; for example the Sixth Form Administrator is able to broadcast up-to-the-minute bulletins exclusively to the sixth form screens.

As eStream continues to evolve the functionality of the system, the service is sure to be used more widely across Oxford Spires Academy. We are currently investigating options to seamlessly tie eStream content in with our VLE, and in the future, we hope to provide user accounts for parents to increase communication and at-home learning.