The Gryphon School

Case Study : The Gryphon School

From: Tracey Duffy – E-Learning Support

Please provide a brief background on your organisation

The Gryphon School was established in 1992 as a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School in 21st century purpose-built facilities in beautiful rural surroundings. In 2003 the school was granted Specialist School status for Business and Enterprise which complements an outstanding curriculum with an enormous range of courses and opportunities. In 2012 the school was granted academy status. In November 2010, the school was judged by both OFSTED and Church of England Inspectors to be an outstanding school.

The Gryphon School now serves Sherborne and a wide area of North West Dorset and South Somerset. Since 2007 the School has grown significantly from 1400 to 1645 students. There are 9 principal partner primary schools ? children come from over 30 schools in total. The Sherborne Schools Partnership is well established to develop cross-phase academic collaboration and transition. There is considerable SEN expertise with a County Dyslexia Base for 20 students.

What is your/your department's role within your organisation?

The E-Learning Support department is part of the IT Support team and is involved with supporting teaching and learning in using Learning Technologies to enhance the delivery of the curriculum. We manage the development of the school's VLE and integration of other technologies such as Planet eStream. We are also part of the strategic team in embedding the use of iPads across the school.

How did you manage your media prior to purchasing Planet eStream and can you provide a brief background on how and when the original concept for the need for a digital media streaming, archiving and off-air recording solution arose?

The school originally stored media content via the school network i.e content could be found within staff personal areas and staff shared folders. This was then moved to Clickview as the means of delivering all our media content and current media was converted into the system to therefore do away with the need for Video and DVD players.

Please can you explain how Planet eStream is used to support both students and staff within your organisation.

Planet eStream is used as a means of delivering school owned content, as well as providing the ability to record Freeview channels. We are now giving access to students such as Media Studies to use eStream as a means of storing and embedding student created content, as part of coursework requirements.

What are the key benefits that you have experienced since implementation?

The ability to create series links and for staff to easily schedule programmes via various devices without the need for the administrator to be involved. The ability to share clips via social media opens up a new dimension to delivering media content for assessment purposes. Schema creation allows for the locking down of media content by Year group. The potential to deliver live broadcasting across the school and externally offers enormous potential.

Can you explain how the adoption of Planet eStream has evolved since roll out?

All staff have been trained in using Planet eStream to access content and schedule programmes. Media Students have been using eStream to upload student created content and embed in blogs.

What features of Planet eStream have you found most useful for your applications?

Series Links Sharing and embedding Schemas.

Please explain how our most recently implemented features will assist you. i.e. subtitles, streaming to mobile devices and digital signage functionality. Please also include detail on what further ongoing development you would like to see at some stage.

As we are currently implementing ipads into the school the ability to stream to mobile devices is particularly beneficial. Further developments in the possibility of recording Sky with a sky box would be brilliant. The ability to add YouTube clips with the embed facility.

Finally, please comment on your experience overall of both the product and your dealings with Planet PC?

We have been extremely pleased with both the system and the level of support received from Planet PC and have no regrets at all in switching systems.