Gildredge House

Case Study : Gildredge House

Case Study from Richard Ray - Strategic ICT Consultant at Gildredge House

Gildredge House has invested, and will continue to invest heavily in the educational welfare of its students, not only providing captivatingly outstanding teachers, but also delivering technology that allows our teachers to be creative, and make their lessons even more interactive and memorable.

We truly recognise the role technology can play in the education of our students, and the role technology plays in the creativity and development of our teaching staff, so we have developed an ICT Vision that seeks to attain technology that is evolving, technology that we can grow with, that builds on and complements our existing technology, and seamlessly blends into our technology offering, becoming a new option to explore.

Planet eStream is a prime example of evolving technology that is providing our school with a range of services that are making a huge impact on the way our whole school community is using technology; we have found an immediate impact with creative use of the Planet eStream Digital Signage, which has led us to explore other ways we can creatively use the functionality of Planet eStream.

As a relatively new school, the Planet eStream service is a fairly new acquisition for us, but it is an acquisition that has really delivered. We have succeeded in engaging the attention of our school community, and Planet eStream Digital Signage has now become a key form of communication throughout the whole school.

The next stage of Planet eStream delivery is currently in progress, and although the students have not been made aware of what is to come, the whole teaching staff are so excited at the potential of being able to provide a “Flipped Classroom environment”, where we could potentially follow the following path:

Create custom video presentations using our media department :

Teachers could gather all their learning resources for a topic in one place, storyboard the information they would like to impart, create a video using images, voiceovers, embedded video clips, or anything digital that would engage the student.

Upload the learning material to our Planet eStream Video Archive :
This will allow students focused online access to the learning material that they can view from any location, at any time, which can be studied before attending the lesson.

Use lesson time to question the learning material :
Teachers can pose questions and provide practical assignments based on the learning material, and use class time to ensure that the class have fully comprehended the topic based on their answers and level of enthusiasm.

    Potential Benefits :
  • Instead of just being an instructor of curriculum, the teacher can use class time in an advisory capacity.
  • Failing students can be recognised, and provided additional support.
  • The school can build an evolving archive of learning material.
  • Access to learning material from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Home Study / Revision available when needed.

In conclusion, Planet eStream will bring lessons to life, engage our students, and make lessons memorable.