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Planet eStream Innovation & Technology Adopted In Brussels

Planet eStream, the media streaming and archiving solution and Planet MovieBox Mobile TV studios from UK company Planet PC will be among the first cutting-edge technologies to feature in a European 'classroom of the future'.

The 'Future Classroom Lab' initiative in Brussels is run by European Schoolnet, an international partnership of more than 30 European Ministries of Education developing learning for schools, teachers, and pupils.

The Lab was set-up at the end of 2011 to showcase teaching and learning scenarios for classrooms of the future throughout Europe. The flagship four year project, which has received €9.45 million of funding from the European Commission's FP7 research programme, is part of the Europe-wide Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classroom (iTEC) project.


The project involves 15 of the European Ministries of Education and will include trials and validation of future classroom technology scenarios in 1,000 classrooms.

European Schoolnet approached Planet PC - already a leading supplier of innovative video solutions to the UK education sector - for support. Sales Director Andrew Milburn at Planet PC says: "Our mobile TV studio solution Planet MovieBox Take 3 and cutting-edge video streaming, archiving, and IPTV solution Planet eStream will form an intrinsic part of the core technology featured in the Future Classroom Lab's Creative Media zone. This project will strongly influence the way that technology in education evolves over coming years and we are very happy to be part of that exciting process."

The Lab has been designed as an interactive classroom to show how a traditional classroom setting can use technology to enhance interactivity and student participation. It also includes a large, reconfigurable open space divided into five learning 'zones'.

As well as supporting the iTEC project, the Future Classroom Lab will provide a platform where policy makers and practitioners from across Europe can come together to rethink 21st century teaching and learning and explore ways in which it can extend beyond the traditional classroom into other learning spaces.

Mark Durando, European Schoolnet Executive Director, says "Video will be key to the creative use of ICT in the classrooms of the future and we are delighted to be working with Planet PC to explore how their technology can support innovative approaches to teaching and learning in different countries."