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Case Study : Cramlington Learning Village

From: Phil Spoors - Assistant Head Teacher


Christmas Competition – Planet eStream Love2Share User Competition

Planet eStream is a fantastic tool and an absolutely integral part of our strategy going forward. Here at Cramlington Learning Village we firmly believe that the learning should be at the core of our use of technology. With an international reputation for our innovative use of ICT we start everything we do considering our school’s core purpose: Developing successful independent learners and thinkers.

So how does planet eStream fit into this?

We use video in a number of ways:

  • Video is used by teachers themselves to introduce concepts in engaging ways.
  • We have three fantastic web designers who create bespoke videos for staff to use to introduce new concepts.
  • We have a green screen studio where students can create their own videos to demonstrate their learning.
  • We records a massive number of tutorials and screencasts for students to use on their 1:1 galaxy tablets and chromebooks across the school.
  • We allows students to prepare for their own learning before lessons following the flipped learning model.
  • We use video to allow students to choose their own personal pathways through courses.
  • We have timetabled ‘independent learning sessions’ for students. In this dedicated time video is a key tool to explore concepts at their own pace at point of need.
  • We use video as a way of celebrating success with students, parents and the community.
  • Our lesson plans are all planned online for each subject using a bespoke template in Frog Learn. From within this template staff can search eStream videos and add them directly into their lessons.

All of these fantastic uses of video above require a uniformed approach. Planet eStream provides this. The searchable database means that we can easily store and search for the videos we need. The videos work seamlessly on all of the devices our students use. Moving to Chromebooks and chromeboxes was a challenge as some traditional methods of delivering video did not work. Planet eStream solved those problems for us. Because it is something we have control over we can ensure that the content is always appropriate and safe for our students. The ability to use planet eStream to record video tutorials and screencasts is fantastic as it empowers all staff to create these easily for their students.

It is no exaggeration to say that video in our school is an essential part of our teaching and learning toolkit and is used by all 200+ staff and over 2000 students. Planet eStream is our reliable method of hosting and delivering that video.

Moving forward our school is embracing Google Apps for Education combined with Frog Learn as the basis of our online learning environment. Access to our fantastic and bespoke online tools is enabled by the use of Google Chromebooks to replace our current Galaxy Tablet scheme. As we realise this vision Planet eStream is an essential part of it. Without this tool we would be unable to offer video on ‘all’ devices in the consistent and easily accessible way we intend.