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video assessment

Video Assessment

Transform your assessment process with Planet eStream

Planet eStream enables secure and private upload of video and audio material via PCs and mobile devices. Users can share material privately with tutors, peers or external assessors who can add their time stamped comments and feedback. View graded work and jump straight to comments and feedback via your own secure area.

Video assessment plugins

With Planet eStream’s powerful assessment tool plugins for Moodle and Blackboard, lecturers are able to create assignments and students are able to securely submit videos directly from within the learning platform.You can submit from either desktop or mobile devices, nice and easy

Video Assessment Plugins

Provide a secure platform for your students to showcase their coursework

Empower your students to demonstrate their skills by using Planet eStream’s simple mobile application to create and upload their videos. With eStream you can develop your students’ transferrable skills via the application of video to demonstrate practical and academic skills and development. Share good practice and monitor progression.Responsive web interface with no requirement for a seperate application on different devices

Moodle Assessment