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Planet eStream Full Feature List

Planet eSign is a full Digital Signage Platform integrated as a component of the Planet eStream solution. This simple to use signage system enables the delivery of media rich screen designs with video, live streams, Twitter feeds, calendar information and much, much more across your estate. Everything is controlled centrally and can be managed from anywhere, with a flexible permissions structure that makes it easy to empower designated users to design, edit and control specific display screens. With Planet eSign, you can keep control of your overall branding and look and feel for your signage screens, whilst simultaneously encouraging key stakeholders to get involved and create content panels with their own messaging.

Planet eSign

Create attractive digital signage layouts and engage your audience across your entire estate with no per screen costs of ownership. The Planet eSign client comes bundled with Planet eStream and is offered on an unlimited screen basis, all you need is a screen and a signage player, typically a net top box based PC. We can supply you with our turnkey signage players, click here for costs or you can opt to supply your own players or re-purpose existing hardware, please contact our team for advice.

Planet eSign has the feature set and merits of a standalone digital signage system, but is more powerful because of the ease of workflow. You can easily select media assets from your Planet eStream archive and drop them straight into your signage designs.

Create your very own media library with Planet eStream

"Both Planet eStream and eSign are now integral to our daily life in school, they have both proved to be excellent, reliable and innovative products that have allowed us to extend our capabilities. The software is always intuitive and attractive to use, and has never let us down. " Stuart Davidson – Heworth Grange Comprehensive and Arts College

Creating your Digital Signage with the Planet eStream Screen Designer

The Planet eSign Screen Designer is an intuitive HTML5 interface and simplifies the creation of engaging signage screens. Users can call upon many different media types to help them create professional looking screen designs. Within the designer, users create ‘content panels’ and then select the type of content they wish to display, they can then preview their design in browser.

Planet eSign supports the following content:

  • Video content from Planet eStream
  • IPTV feeds*
  • RSS feeds
  • Twitter feeds
  • Slide shows
  • Free Text
  • Photosets
  • Live streams
  • Weather
  • Message pools
  • QR codes
  • Web pages
  • Calendar information
  • Clocks

*Additional hardware required

Did you know that it is now possible to display a slideshow of book covers and titles from your cloud hosted MLS Eclipse or Junior Librarian on digital signage screens powered by Planet eSign. Options available include Top Ten, Book of the Week and New Resources.

"Planet eSign is used daily to provide vital information to our school community. We have found that students really enjoy seeing themselves and their peers on the televisions, it is a great way to grab the attention of the students and to keep them informed of current affairs. We also use eSign to publish our daily lunch menu, the location of our daily clubs, and as a way for the Head Teacher to address the school. The use of Twitter Feeds have also had a dramatic impact with teachers tweeting the latest scores of sporting events, and the Head Teacher tweeting latest school news, these forms of communication have revolutionised the way live news is output throughout the school, everyone feels more informed. " Gildredge House School

Simplifying Signage and Message Distribution

Managing your Displays

Screen designs can be distributed to individual digital signage displays or groups of displays called zones. Schedules for screens and zones can be created to program your designs to appear on certain dates and times for an allotted period of time. Schedules can also be ranked in order of importance in a ranked structure to allow the staggered distribution of your content. This functionality removes administrative overhead for digital signage and completely transforms and automates your signage system provision.

Flexible Management

Digital Signage administrators can allow access to specific features for certain users. This is a great way to lighten the administration workload whilst providing departments and users with a vehicle to distribute their own messages. Users can be granted access to individual screens or to groups of screens, there is also the ability to enable users to update just the message feeds via a separate console.

Planet eSign can manage any number of displays

"We now have almost 20 signage players which are being managed through a combination of central (Marketing) and local content editors." College of West Anglia

"eSign currently runs over 30 screens throughout the University and the Hive (library). Multiple departments manage their own content throughout the University showing contents ranging from still slides, photos and videos of the campus." University of Worcester

Screen Loops

Many signage systems only enable you to create one screen design per display; with Planet eSign, you can use the ‘screen loops’ feature to create a ‘playlist’ of different screen designs to increase engagement with your audience.

Screen Monitoring

Planet eSign includes a powerful mechanism that enables users to monitor what content their screens are displaying remotely.

Calendar Integration

Calendar information can be dynamically updated with integration for both iSams, Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendars.

No Licence Fee Cost

Planet eSign is included as part of the Planet eStream solution at no extra charge on an unlimited licence basis with no per screen Licence costs.

"We also used the signage as part of a charity fundraising initiative on Valentine’s Day. Students paid £1 to display a message to their loved one on screens around campus, which was donated to charity. The initiative was managed by a student team, under staff supervision, which raised money for charity and also helped students develop valuable digital skills and experience. " Neil Spaxman, Information Learning Technology & Web Manager, Kirklees College

Planet estream digital signage in use at Kirklees college

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