Digital Signage

...Take full control of your Video Streaming / IPTV / Digital Signage solution - host Planet eStream on your LAN! Planet eStream is the premiere video steaming, archiving, and digital signage solution for schools, colleges, universities and the private/public sector.

Planet eStream, the complete content management and media delivery solution, now includes our new fully featured Digital Signage system Planet eSign, at no additional cost.

Use Planet eSign's intuitive and easy to use interface to display content throughout your organisation including Live TV Feeds, News Tickers, Weather, and much more!

The Planet eSign Digital Signage Client is supplied free of charge and can be installed on as many signage players as required.

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We regularly exhibit at events throughout the country, where you can discuss your requirements with one of our representatives and view Planet eStream in action.

For details of our forthcoming events please click here.

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Freeview TV Recording

Record free-to-air TV programmes via a standard web browser or via your mobile phone or tablet with the Planet eStream Freeview TV Recording Module.

The Electronic Programme Guide can be easily accessed by any authorised user who can then choose any programme to be recorded, search by title and description and create series links!

The Freeview TV Recording Module also enables Live TV to be broadcast across your network, and also displayed on your digital signage screens using Planet eStream's integrated digital signage system Planet eSign.

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New! Use the Planet eStream Freeview Module to watch live tv over your LAN with the new Live TV feature. The Live TV feature lets users of your Planet eStream system watch the channels you choose, via a standard web-browser!. The feature supports multicasting, for efficient bandwidth usage!

Summary: TV Programme Recording, TV Over LAN, Series-Link, IPTV, H264 HTML5.
The best media library server for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government Bodies, and the Private Sector.

NEW! Mobile Upload App

...Use your mobile phone to send video content directly to your Planet eStream system!

Introducing the new Planet eStream Mobile Upload Application.

Record or select a video on your mobile phone or tablet and upload the video directly to your Planet eStream system!

Available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple iTunes App Store.

Planet eStream Core

The Planet eStream core solution is a powerful and scalable video delivery platform. It enables any organisation to create a central archive of digital media content and deliver the content to unlimited users via their existing intranet infrastructure and/or via the world wide web.
Now shipping with our new integrated Digital Signage System Planet eSign at no extra cost!

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Featuring H264 Video and HTML5, Planet eStream v5 has become the #1 standard for video archiving, streaming, and digital signage throughout the educational sector, with installations in academies, colleges, universities, schools, local government datacentres, etc. Consistantly the best software media-libary server.


Planet eStream offers a wide range of Encoding Station options for encoding video and/or audio from analogue sources such as DVD/VHS players through to conference / lecture capture and high definition.

Encoding stations also provide live video streaming functionality, enabling the streaming of any video/audio source to a standard web-browser or to your Digital Signage screens using Planet eStream's integrated digital signage system Planet eSign.

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Many origanisations have a library of old VHS tapes and a variety of Windows Media, Real Media, Flash Video, AVI, or MPEG (MPG) files. Planet eStream encoding stations allow you to 'ingest' your existing analogue and digital multimedia assets into the central Planet eStream archive. Content is then made available to using via a standard web-browser or via HTML5 for mobile devices
Planet eStream - the best all-in-one video archiving, streaming and digital signage solution available.

Conference / Lecture Capture

This option is aimed at the live conference/lecture capture arena. It offers capture from two sources simultaneously - typically a ceiling mounted camera and an interactive whiteboard. This would result in an archived learning resource which includes the video of the conference/lecture alongside the whiteboard content.

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The Conference / Lecture Capture feature provides a rich multimedia learning experience and is ideal for academys, colleges and universities.


The Transcoder is Planet eStream 5's web upload and convert tool. Media can be uploaded to the Planet eStream system from any computer connected to the internet using a standard web browser. The uploaded media is then automatically converted to the correct format by the Transcoder and archived to the central media archive.

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Summary: Convert your existing corporate, school, or college multimedia library into Planet eStream's H264 Video with AAC Audio format featuring HTML5 for the widest possible mobile device support.

Multi-Channel Encoding

The Planet eStream Live Multi-channel Encoding Module is designed to complement the other Planet eStream encoder options for users who need to stream live over IP from multiple sources.

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Planet eStream is the complete, all-in-one digital media streaming and archiving solution.

multimediaarchiveCreate your own Multimedia Archive importassetsImport your Existing Assets freeviewtvRecord from Freeview TV digitalsignageFull Digital Signage Functionality

Live Streaming
Stream audio-visual content to anywhere, either live or on-demand.
Media Archiving
Provide an effective archive for both the material from your physical media archive and the media content that you create on an on-going basis as a key part of your organisation's central digital strategy.
Digital Signage
Intuitive & easy to use, easily scalable, HTML designers, multi-zone, supports live TV, unlimited players, licence free player software.
Record Freeview TV
Record TV programmes with your browser or mobile device. Features include; full electronic programme guide, series link programmes, retro-active recording (catch-up), broadcast live TV across your network.
VLE Integration
For our educational customers, Planet eStream supports Virtual Learning Environment integration as standard. We also have a range of free VLE specific free plugins..
Mobile Device Support
Deliver content to the latest iPad, iPhone, Rim Blackberry Playbook and Android devices. Planet eStream delivers mobile content via HTML5.
Conference / Lecture Capture
Create a rich multimedia experience with Planet eStream Conference / Lecture Capture Encoders. The Encoders have the ability to capture from two sources simultaneously.